Recommended (0-30min delay)
≈ 0.00028560 transaction*
Low (0-120min delay)
≈ 0.00024640 transaction*

* For the median transaction size of 280 bytes

History of fee changing

What is the BTC commission and what does it depend on


Initially, the commission when sending a transaction was supposed to be protection against spam by transactions, for example, it would be unprofitable for an attacker to spend garbage transactions on clogging up a mempool, while spending tens of times more on sending them. Also, commissions are part of the payment of miners, the amount of transaction commissions is added to the standard reward for the miner (pool) who mined the block. Back in 2016, the amount of commissions was calculated in cents and amounted to a fraction of a percent of the transaction being sent. In the last year, there were situations when the recommended commission approached two dollars in equivalent, which is simply unbelievable for sending small transactions. An example is given for an average transaction of 228 bytes, with one input and two outputs. It is worth noting that if a transaction has many inputs, then the commission will grow, as the amount of information in the transaction increases, and it is calculated exactly on the unit of information volume.


Using our wallet you can always choose between quick confirmation and saving, we calculate the optimal commission every minute and adjust it using many parameters according to the forecast for the next hour.