Anti money laundering policy applies to and its partners (hereinafter referred to as “Leobit”) and has the aim of preventing and actively prevent money laundering and any other activity that facilitates money laundering or funding of terrorist or criminal activities. Leobit is responsible for compliance with applicable AML laws in the relevant jurisdictions in which Leobit offers corporate and legal services. Leobit requires its officers, employees and affiliates to adhere to these standards in order to prevent the use of its services for money laundering.

Under this Policy, as a rule, are actions aimed at concealing or disguising the true origin of proceeds of crime, for the purpose of laundering illegal proceeds.

Leobit every employee, whose duties relate to the provision of products and services Leobit, and which directly or indirectly deals with customer Leobit should be aware of the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations pertaining to his or her official duties, such employee will be required to continuously fulfil those obligations to the extent that meets the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.

Laws and regulations include, but are not limited to the following: «Identification of customers by banks» and «General guidance on account opening and customer identification» (2003) Basel Committee on banking supervision, Forty + nine recommendations for money laundering of FATF, the US Law on combating terrorism (2001), the Law on prevention of money laundering (1996).

To ensure adherence to this General policy, the management Leobit has established and maintains a program of complying with these laws and regulations. The program is designed to coordinate the special requirements of the law within the group within a consolidated structure for the effective management of risks related to money laundering and the financing of terrorism, on all divisions, functions, and legal entities of the group.