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Creating a wallet has never been easier. Create an account with a few clicks and you are ready to receive payments. Accept various cryptocurrencies (in progress) on your account in a single Leobit wallet. Use the mobile app and manage your finances on the go! By installing a mobile and linking a mobile application, you can only allow access to your wallet from an attached device, so no one, even knowing your username and password, can enter your account. It is not only convenient but also safe.

Send & Receive

Get opportunity to use our bitcoin wallet to send and receive funds. Instant transfers, flexible and automatic commission according bitcoin network for fast transfers, free bitcoin wallet and address. Best bitcoin wallet you can see before.


We developed for our clients a personal explorer where you can treck all your incoming and outcoming payments, using our crypto wallet leobit you getting a best service that combining a wallet service and in same time blockchain service, that you can use in one system.

Access Anywhere

Use your btc wallet from anywhere, protect you account with additional measures like sms verification, temporary locking of account. We also developed a bitcoin wallet mobile application for your convenience and security. No more need computers. Only your phone and you and access anywhere.

Total secure

Be sure of your funds. When designing our system, engineers first of all decided the issue of its security for all nodes, both in general and for end-user facilities. We regularly back up your funds and protect them from unauthorized users. Even if your account is compromised, an attacker will need access to your mobile phone to send cryptocurrency. Download your privat keys and become a sole owner of your wallet. We not keep your coins, we only trying to protect your wallet and devide responcibilities.

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Oh! We are still working on the wallet you are looking for. But you can get a unique opportunity to participate in the development. Leave a request for early access and get the opportunity to make the wallet exactly the way you need it!